Europe's dedicated impact ETF issuer

A market leading range of impact ETFs, built around the structural trends that are redefining our world

Five funds designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of investors. Built for people that demand full transparency, clear data and maximum impact.

Today, CIRCA5000 is spearheading the movement towards sustainability in its purest form. We’re paving the way for a world where impact investing will be the industry norm.

Our mission is to channel investment to companies solving the most pressing environmental and social challenges. We believe that the world’s biggest challenges are also the world’s biggest return opportunities.

Our Funds

A market-leading range of five impact ETFs, built around the structural trends that are re-defining our world. The companies in the C5K fund suite are solving the biggest environmental and social challenges of our time.

Impact Methodology

Designed in partnership with Impak Analytics and BITA, impact is at the heart of the methodology underpinning our indices. Robust impact analysis based on the IMP framework ensures that only the highest-rated companies are selected for our funds.

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Active Stewardship

Effective stewardship should be practiced by all investors, not just active funds. We have implemented an impact-focused stewardship strategy to ensure our investee companies are working towards both of our goals: positive returns and positive impact.

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Low-cost Impact Funds

At 0.49%, our funds can be used to bring down the cost of a traditional fund-of-funds portfolio.

Real-world Impact

60M MWh of renewable energy is produced by the companies in our Green Energy & Technology fund each year. Enough to supply 5.1M homes.

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