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Our mission

CIRCA5000 makes it easy for everyone to invest for their future in companies building a better world.

Most of us don’t know where our savings are invested. We opt-in to our company’s pension scheme or open an ISA from a big high street bank — unaware of what these investments are funding. Oil. Gambling. Weaponry.

CIRCA5000 is here to change that. We understand that when people invest, it’s with their hard-earned savings. Everyone deserves easy access to the tools shaping their financial future and complete transparency about where their money is going.

Sustainability doesn’t have to be complicated — the terms ESG, greenwashing, and SRI can be bewildering. Our platform is 100% clear on what companies do and how they impact the world. You won’t accidentally invest in any manufacturers using sweatshops or animal-tested products here. Our meticulous approach to the funds on our platform makes CIRCA5000 the gold standard of investing sustainably.

Matt Latham & Tom McGillycuddy
We're blazing a trail towards a brighter future for investing; one that empowers investors to claim a stake in the success stories of tomorrow.
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Invest in a Better World

We have built CIRCA5000 for a new type of investor. Our platform is home to 150k customers, and we meet their expectations of full transparency, data to support every claim, and provide details on the impact their investments are making.

Today, our investors are spearheading the growth in impact funds. Tomorrow, impact investing will become the industry standard.

Certified B Corporation Best for the World 2022 - Customers

CIRCA5000 has been a certified B Corp since 2019. In both 2021 and 2022 CIRCA5000 was recognised by B Lab as ‘Best For The World: Customers’, scoring in the top 5% of B Corps globally for services to our customers. In 2023, we were awarded ‘Best For Sustainable Investors’ by Boring Money.

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People made money ruining the world.
Let’s make money fixing it.

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Meet the team

The CIRCA5000 team has decades of combined experience in advising on billions of pounds worth of impact investments.

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Tom McGillycuddy

Michael Tefula (Chief Financial Officer at CIRCA5000) headshot

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Tefula

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Chief Marketing Officer

Abba Newbery

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Matt Latham

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Managing Director of ETFs

Charlie Macpherson

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Head of Customer Experience

Lauren Parry

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Head of Product

Toby Butterworth

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Head of Writing

Lucy O'Boyle

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Head of Compliance

Adam Rankin

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Lead Product Designer

Filippo Diodati

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Head of ETF Sales

Paul Spells

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Head of Growth

Rob Baldwyn

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Customer Experience Executive

Jane Mooney

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Senior Backend Engineer

Adam Quaile

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Head of Engineering

Fabio Knoedt

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Senior iOS Engineer

Mark Wilson

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Senior Web Engineer

Michael Henson

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Senior Android Engineer

Michael Stoddart

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Senior Backend Engineer

Trystan MacDonald