Our mission

CIRCA5000 makes it easy for everyone to invest for their future in companies building a better world.

Most of us don’t know where our savings are invested. We opt-in to our company’s pension scheme or open an ISA from a big high street bank — unaware of what these investments are funding. Oil. Gambling. Weaponry.

CIRCA5000 is here to change that. We understand that when people invest, it’s with their hard-earned savings. Everyone deserves easy access to the tools shaping their financial future and complete transparency about where their money is going.

Sustainability doesn’t have to be complicated — the terms ESG, greenwashing, and SRI can be bewildering. Our platform is 100% clear on what companies do and how they impact the world. You won’t accidentally invest in any manufacturers using sweatshops or animal-tested products here. Our meticulous approach to the funds on our platform makes CIRCA5000 the gold standard of investing sustainably.

Matt Latham & Tom McGillycuddy
We're blazing a trail towards a brighter future for investing; one that empowers investors to claim a stake in the success stories of tomorrow.
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Invest in a Better World

We have built CIRCA5000 for a new type of investor. Our platform is home to 150k customers, and we meet their expectations of full transparency, data to support every claim, and provide details on the impact their investments are making.

Today, our investors are spearheading the growth in impact funds. Tomorrow, impact investing will become the industry standard.

Certified B Corporation Boring Money - best for sustainable investors 2023

CIRCA5000 has been a certified B Corp since 2019. In both 2021 and 2022 CIRCA5000 was recognised by B Lab as ‘Best For The World: Customers’, scoring in the top 5% of B Corps globally for services to our customers. In 2023, we were awarded ‘Best For Sustainable Investors’ by Boring Money.

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People made money ruining the world.
Let’s make money fixing it.

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Meet the team

The CIRCA5000 team has decades of combined experience in advising on billions of pounds worth of impact investments.

Tom McGillycuddy (Co-Founder at CIRCA5000) headshot

Tom McGillycuddy


Impact investment specialist with a decade of investment management experience — formed part of the founding team of Wellington Management's $1B Global Impact Fund. Says he is "alright" at golf. Plays off a handicap of 1.

Michael Tefula (Chief Financial Officer at CIRCA5000) headshot

Michael Tefula

Chief Financial Officer

Chartered Accountant with an Oxford MBA. Previously invested in early-stage tech companies with Downing Ventures & Oxford Seed Fund. Oh, and he's casually published three books.

Abba Newbery (Chief Marketing Officer of CIRCA5000) headshot

Abba Newbery

Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing superstar with a decade of marketing and communications experience working at News UK, YouTube, and the FinTech mortgage company, Habito. Survived two Ironmans.

Matt Latham (Co-Founder at CIRCA5000) headshot

Matt Latham


Impact investment specialist and former Vice President at Barclays Wealth & Investment Management, specialising in charity investment management. A company, wife and three kids. No time for fun.

Charlie Macpherson (Managing Director of ETFs at CIRCA5000) headshot

Charlie Macpherson

Managing Director of ETFs

Impact investment specialist — began his investment management career at Schroders before moving to Zambia. Ex-Bain consultant. His dog is more insta-famous than anyone you know.

Lauren Parry (Head of Customer Experience at CIRCA5000) headshot

Lauren Parry

Head of Customer Experience

Customer experience expert delivering excellence in customer service and operations — previously worked for Tilney Smith & Williamson. Will hike, but only when there's a glass of wine at the end.

Toby Butterworth (Head of Product at CIRCA5000) headshot

Toby Butterworth

Head of Product

Product wizard — previously scaled early-stage startups across product management and product-led growth functions. Still has our office TV after offering to 'store' it during COVID. We want that back, Toby.

Lucy O'Boyle (Head of Writing at CIRCA5000) headshot

Lucy O'Boyle

Head of Writing

Content specialist and ex-journalist — previously worked in the newsrooms of ITN. Known to carry a supply of chocolate 'in case of emergencies'.

Adam Rankin (Head of Compliance at CIRCA5000) headshot

Adam Rankin

Head of Compliance

Compliance and risk extraordinaire — Ex-consultant for PwC and FCA Supervisor. Has also dabbled in Fintech as Head of Compliance for Nosso. Attempts (unsuccessfully) to emulate Rafa Nadal on court at the weekend.

Filippo Diodati (Lead Product Designer at CIRCA5000) headshot

Filippo Diodati

Lead Product Designer

Experienced digital product designer crafting meaningful experiences for web and mobile. Outraged by cappuccino drinking after midday.

Paul Spells (Head of ETF Sales at CIRCA5000) headshot

Paul Spells

Head of ETF Sales

Sales expert experienced in distributing a wide range of investment products for both large and boutique asset managers to wholesale and institutional markets. Rowing the Atlantic in a bid to prove that remote working really can be done from anywhere in the world.

Rob Baldwyn (Head of Growth at CIRCA5000) headshot

Rob Baldwyn

Head of Growth

Accomplished marketing generalist passionate about bringing impact investing to the mainstream market — previously specialised in growth & product marketing for scale-ups. White-collar boxing champion.

Jane Mooney (Customer Experience Executive of CIRCA5000) headshot

Jane Mooney

Customer Experience Executive

Customer experience professional providing passionate customer service for over a decade — previously worked for Barclays and Bestinvest. Wants a serious word with anyone who thinks dogs are superior to cats.

Adam Quaile (Senior Backend Engineer of CIRCA5000) headshot

Adam Quaile

Senior Backend Engineer

Over a decade of experience, mostly building APIs for a mix of agencies, consulting clients and product teams. An asset to any beer-pong team.

Fabio Knoedt (Head of Engineering at CIRCA5000) headshot

Fabio Knoedt

Head of Engineering

Software development specialist, acted as CTO for early-stage startups at Boston Consulting Group, propelling companies towards the scale-up stage. Knows a shop that still sells Milka chocolate for £1.

Mark Wilson (Senior iOS Engineer at CIRCA5000) headshot

Mark Wilson

Senior iOS Engineer

6 years iOS engineering experience, previously worked for Monterosa building iOS apps for clients ITV and Nickelodeon. Former DJ known to send unsolicited techno mixtapes on Slack.

Michael Henson (Senior Web Engineer at CIRCA5000) headshot

Michael Henson

Senior Web Engineer

Over a decade of web development experience with more recent specialisation in frontend. Takes a particular interest in building accessible solutions. On Wednesdays you'll find him ahead of you in the 'Cake Wednesdays' queue.

Michael Stoddart (Senior Android Engineer at CIRCA5000) headshot

Michael Stoddart

Senior Android Engineer

Nearly a decade of Android development experience across multiple agency and financial services roles, working for clients such as PlayStation and AO. Still hoping Sadio Mané will change his mind and come back to LFC.

Trystan MacDonald (Senior Backend Engineer of CIRCA5000) headshot

Trystan MacDonald

Senior Backend Engineer

Experienced engineering professional — previously developed solutions in a variety of industries, from parking apps at Ringo to back office systems at Deutsche Bank. A karaoke repertoire to die for.