A case for staying invested

A case for staying invested

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A case for staying invested 

Manika Premsingh

It is often good to remind ourselves as investors that it pays to stay in the game for the long-term. Even when the stock markets are falling. Even when inflation is at multi-decade highs. And even when the economy is actually shrinking. 

Stock markets reward long-term investors

In the long run, the stock markets have a way of growing our money multifold, even if it does not look quite that obvious at a point in time. 

Like right now. Global stock markets fell hard yesterday. No surprises here. High inflation has made it next to impossible for the world economy to get back on its feet consistently.

But it can, and it always has. Two years ago, during the pandemic, we saw a near economic shut down. If we go back even more in time, the financial crisis of 2008 was a big blow. And stock markets have indeed struggled at such times.

Yet, staying invested has paid off. In the last 15 years the MSCI World Index has risen 232%. This is an over 15% return on average every single year. But that is only if we stay in the game. There have been years in between when the index performance disappointed as the value of investments actually fell.

Short-term investing can be a losing game

Now consider what might have happened if these investments had been withdrawn. Above is a chart from March 2020. For investors who panicked and withdrew within a month were most likely to lose money. But this risk was almost non-existent for investors who had stayed put for 20 years. 

Stay invested

The writing on the wall is clear. The longer we stay invested, the more likely we are to make gains. It might not appear so right now, but over time, the returns are more likely to show up than not. 

Remember when investing your capital is at risk. This article is meant for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice or a recommendation to invest.

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