Are You Richer Than You Think?

Are You Richer Than You Think?

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Lucy O’Boyle • Pensions • 3 min read

We all misplace things — socks, headphones, that book your sibling lent you and told you not to lose. Pensions are no different. 

You may be great at keeping on top of your finances, but when it comes to finding those letters you get once a year from pension providers — it’s not so easy to keep track of your money for retirement.

It's even harder when you’ve picked up a new workplace pension with every job you've had over the years, or moved home. 

You could just forget about those pensions and wait for a surprise in retirement — a game of trick or treat, which could go either way. Or, you could grab the bull by the horns and track those old pensions down to find out how much you have in them. 

And, many people who do find their old pensions are in for a treat. Because 1.6 million individuals in the UK reportedly have more than £23,000 hiding in old workplace pensions they have lost track of (FTAdviser). 

Imagine how great it would feel to know you are £23k better off than you thought you were

It’s not just the feel-good moment when you find out how much you have already put away for your future, it’s a chance to actually plan for the retirement you want. It’s impossible to know what your retirement will look like if you don’t keep on top of how much you have saved and how much more you need to put away.

And retirement should be filled with doing your favourite activities, spending time with family and going where you want, when you want! We once heard it described like this: when retirement is well planned, every day can feel like it's the weekend.

If you’re thinking “All sounds good, but isn't tracking down my old pension providers going to be a nightmare?” — we hear you! That's where our incredible customer support team come in, to make life easier for you. They can trace all of your old workplace pensions with just the name of the companies that you worked for. 

Forgotten, but not gone.

One of our customers, Donna, who is based in Liverpool, had lots of jobs and multiple address changes. She used the CIRCA5000 free tracing service to reclaim £40,000 in lost pensions for her retirement fund. Donna then merged all of those pensions into the CIRCA5000 app so that she could monitor her performance and plan her retirement. She said: “Honestly, … [the app] was just so simple to use. I've worked with computers for years, but I would call myself a technophobe […] But the app was so easy to use, really easy to keep track of, and I just loved it.”

Investing in companies that align with her values is one of the most important factors for Donna. 

“I’m impressed with the company and the values that it holds and how it wants to reinvest in the future and how green it is”, Donna says. Thanks, Donna!

If you are ready to get on top of your pensions, then start today. 

This gets your pension tracing journey started. You’re also choosing to transfer the pensions we might find to CIRCA5000.
Give us a few details about yourself and where you were employed. Our dedicated tracing team will look for your provider for you - it helps them even more if you know the dates you worked there.
Then we’ll contact your pension provider and request your details for you. This can take a few weeks depending on who your pension is with. We might need you to sign a letter of authority so we can act on your behalf. It’s really straightforward and we’ll keep you updated throughout the process.
Once we’ve found your pensions, you’ll be able to view them all in the app and combine and transfer them into a single CIRCA5000 one.

When you invest, your capital is at risk.

Invest in ahuman future

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