Going Vegan: The Best Thing You Can Do For The Environment?

Going Vegan: The Best Thing You Can Do For The Environment?

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Rob Baldwyn • Pensions • 2 min read

The team at CIRCA5000 believe that you shouldn’t have to make extreme sacrifices to positively impact the planet.

Having your pension invested sustainably is one of the biggest ways to reduce your impact on the planet. But how does it compare to other actions you can take each day?

If, like the average person, your carbon footprint is 7 tonnes per year, it can feel like climbing a mountain when you try to reduce your impact.

The average British citizen creates the same carbon footprint in a single fortnight as people in some African countries would have in an entire year (MoneyExpert). So what behaviours actually reduce your carbon footprint?

Graph: Annual carbon reductions from typical behaviours

We think that people often underestimate the power their money has on the planet.

For example, keeping £1,000 saved in an HSBC current account causes 222kg of carbon emissions every year (Mymothertree). That's almost a quarter of a tonne (about the weight of a small pig)! 

So if your money can do harm when it’s in the wrong hands, what happens when it’s invested in companies that are solving world problems?

Well, according to research from Make My Money Matter, a green pension can be one of the best things you can do personally for the planet. Switching from a standard pension to a sustainable one can save over 19 tonnes of carbon every single year! 

Graph: Combined impact of typical behaviours vs. sustainable pension

That’s 91x more impactful than recycling. If you would like to find or combine your old workplace pensions into a CIRCA5000 pension, our customer support team can help


The information provided above does not constitute financial advice. You should fully understand the benefits and risks of an investment product before making an investment decision. There is no guarantee that the value of a CIRCA5000 pension will perform as well or better than your current pension. As with all investing, you may get back less than you put in.

All carbon emission estimates and information used were gathered from the following sources: 

Calculations and additions were using the statistics and data provided. 

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