How do you ride out a heat wave?

How do you ride out a heat wave?

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How do you ride out a heat wave? Invest in a cooler future.

Brace yourself. If predictions are correct, the UK might be hit by temperatures of up to 41ºC in the coming weeks as a blistering heat wave spreads across the country.   

Met Office computer models came up with the figure and it left some weather experts reeling. Why? Because we are entering uncharted territory. Even if we don’t hit the record high, the fact that a computer model predicted it is still pretty new.

Is climate change making heat waves more intense?

In short, yes. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are being released into the earth's atmosphere at such a rate that they are causing the sun’s heat to get trapped.  This has resulted in more extreme weather and rising temperatures across the globe.

In fact, warming from climate change has reached the point where the Met Office has increased heatwave thresholds across England. This means it’s getting so hot, we’ve had to change how we measure heat itself. 

What can you do about it?

You can take short-term precautions such as staying indoors and keeping hydrated. But what about the long-term? It might not be the first thing you think of, but one way to change things is to invest. In the right way of course. 

While climate change can make us feel helpless, investing your money into companies actively driving the transition to net zero is one of the best ways to make a real difference. 

Change things through impact investing with CIRCA5000.

How can you do this? Put simply, start impact investing. What’s that? It’s the most advanced form of sustainable investing. Most investment companies have some form of fossil-fuel opt out funds, or Socially Responsible Investments, that allow you to opt out of petrol, oil, and even arms funds. This is good, but it’s not enough. The problem? They don’t include companies actively trying to change things. Like innovative wind energy brands, for example.

Think of impact investing as a type of investment that focusses on market returns and making positive, measurable environmental and social changes. 

What does it look like? Take the innovative companies in CIRCA5000’s Global Clean Energy fund. They are not only making use of existing renewable technologies but are actively developing new ones in order to drive down CO2 emissions and ultimately to slow down, or even help stop, climate change. You can invest in them right now to help put an end to global warming.

Meet the companies building a cooler future in CIRCA5000’s investment funds.

Global offshore wind power leader Ørsted are on a mission to drive a total green transformation of the energy market. Not only have they been ranked as one the world’s most sustainable energy companies for three years in a row, but their wind power solutions have helped avoid a staggering 58.6m tonnes CO2 emissions.

Vestas was ranked as the most sustainable company in the world in 2022. The wind power company has installed some 77,000 wind farms across 87 countries. Their main goal? To bring down the cost of energy and ensure we can all afford to switch to  cleaner alternatives.

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