Impact Report

Impact Report

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Impact in Brief • 4 min read 

Impact Report


Our users have been changing the world of investing ever since we launched in 2019. As the leading investment platform dedicated to creating a liveable, prosperous future for humanity, we believe it’s vital to provide an overview of the differences our 150,000 customers are making to the planet. That’s why we’ve compiled our inaugural impact report for 2021. 


Core to CIRCA5000’s mission is maximising our positive impact on the planet and on its people. We want to be accountable for this. 

Our report delves into some of the numbers behind our mission: it details how our community of future-focused investors put their money into portfolios changing entire industries and goes deeper into the ways our platform is changing the world for the better. 

By making this information public, we help our customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders to have a greater understanding of who we are as a business and where we are headed. It also answers the fundamental question: What are we actually contributing to the world?


  • Find out how we assess if companies will positively impact the future of humanity.
  • See how our portfolios are making a difference, by the numbers. 
  • Discover our carbon footprint and how much our users have offset over the last year. 
  • Learn the ways in which we are promoting financial inclusion. 
  • And more!

Of course, this report is just the beginning. The difference our community is going to make will only grow. Check back every year to see how. All the way to the year 5000. 

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