introducing circa5000

You may have known us as tickr. It’s now time to re-introduce ourselves. We are CIRCA5000: the investment platform of the human future. From energy and water to food, health and education, all our investments have the same goal: to keep the future human. Our core product is the same: an investment app that lets people invest in businesses enriching the planet, its people and most of all, you.

why change?

When we founded the company as tickr, we had one thing on our mind: to make sure investing in businesses tackling today’s big issues was accessible to everyone.

For too long, investing had been the reserve of a wealthy few. That’s why we created a product with financial inclusion at its core, built on proper investing principles we learned from our time in the industry — like investing for the long term — and built with a better future in mind, through only investing in companies making a positive environmental or social impact. These three founding principles — financial inclusion, proper investing and impact — underpin everything we do.

As we’ve grown, the industry has evolved too. We’re seeing a wider shift towards Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) investing, but ESG hardly scratches the surface when it comes to investing in companies actually improving our future. At the same time, there’s a worrying rise in trading apps and crypto currencies that position themselves as championing financial inclusion when, in reality, they’re letting first-time investors invest in some of the riskiest assets available.

Short-term trading might appeal to some — but the bigger opportunity is to create a product for people who want to build wealth for themselves long-term, while helping to build our collective future. With this, we see an opportunity to scale a business centered around our three founding principles: financial inclusion, proper investing and impact.

It’s imperative that our brand reflects these principles — and that we have an identity that differentiates us from other investment and trading platforms that don’t operate with the future in mind. Our new name and new look is us putting our flag in the ground, letting everybody know that we’re distinct from the competition. That we’re serious about building the investment platform of the human future.

With CIRCA5000, we have a new identity that reflects the scale of our ambition and the opportunity ahead. We know that it’s possible to grow wealth over time and enrich the planet and its people. You can still call it impact investing if you like. But for us, this is, and always has been, future investing. Think about it: the more people investing in climate change solutions and innovative healthcare now, the more chance humanity has at thriving in the future. All the way to the Year 5000? We hope so.

We’re in this for the long haul and our brand has to reflect this. tickr, we love you — but we’ve outgrown you. The future is CIRCA5000.

Matt Latham and Tom McGillycuddy

CIRCA5000 Founders

For more about our rebrand, you can visit our FAQs here.

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