Clean Water & Waste

Clean Water & Waste (C5KW)

Fund Vision

More than just a water fund — the Water & Waste (C5KW) fund invests in companies at the cutting edge of the most innovative recycling technologies and water preservation techniques. Fund Goal: Improve access to water globally and facilitate safe and effective recycling and waste management.Alignment to investible UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainable Development Goals

Alignment to investible UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Investment Case

A growing global population, urbanisation and climate change are increasing the pressure on water and waste infrastructure — outdated and in desperate need of an upgrade. This fund seeks to invest in the highest-growth companies tackling these challenges. With the support of a favourable regulatory environment, the path to a cleaner future is well-positioned to be a huge growth opportunity.

  • In the US, as much as 50% of drinking water pipes were installed before the middle of the 20th century, with 12,000 miles being replaced per year. Our fund invests in some of the companies at the forefront of this project.
  • The proportion of waste treated in the EU grew from 46% in 2004 to 59% in 2020, but the US and Asia still lag behind. The companies in our fund seek to close this gap.
  • Only 9% of the global economy is circular (giving products more than one life cycle by recycling or reusing). Converting the remaining 91% is a $4.5 trillion market opportunity.
Plastic water bottles

Impact Case

We produce, consume and waste more per person than ever in history. Water scarcity is already a major issue globally, with 2.7 billion people experiencing water scarcity for at least one month of the year. No part of the planet has not been touched by plastic waste, from the deepest parts of the ocean to the top of Mount Everest. The new technologies this fund invests in can reduce the strain we place on our water resources and the amount of waste we produce, from water desalination to innovative ways to reuse and recycle.

The funds in the new portfolio provide access to more investment areas and countries than previous funds on the CIRCA5000 platform.

Check out some of the companies in the Water & Waste fund.

Clean Water & Waste - Water Preservation - Itron

Itron drives the transformation of utilities across Cities, helping them to better manage their energy and water supplies. In North America, 80% of electricity is forecast by Itron Energy (Itron).

Clean Water & Waste - Water Reduction - Li-Cycle

Li-Cycle is a battery recycling company that provides sustainable solutions for lithium-ion batteries. Their positive impact on the world is seen in their reduction of the environmental impact of battery manufacturing and disposal, their support of the transition to renewable energy, and their promotion of a circular economy for critical battery materials. (Li-Cycle)

Stora Enso
Clean Water & Waste - Circular Economy - Stora Enso

Stora Enso is a renewable materials company that produces sustainable products made from wood, paper, and pulp, Stora Enso's impact on the world is positive in their reduction of carbon emissions, promotion of sustainable forestry practices, and provision of renewable alternatives to fossil-fuel-based materials. (Stora Enso)

Simulated Historical Index Performance

As the funds do not yet have a historical performance, you can see how the C5KW would have performed based on the past performance of the companies within the index that the fund tracks. 

Clean Water & Waste (C5KW simulated historical performance)

Remember, when you invest your capital is at risk and that past performance is not indicative of future performance. The chart above shows the simulated past performance of the impak CIRCA5000 Impact Indices established by BITA ( It is calculated using backtested data from the underlying holdings of the CIRCA5000 ETFs dating back to 07/09/2012. Your return may be affected by factors such as fund and trading fees, and changes in currency exchange rates. The index currency is based in USD and gross of fees. Factors such as fund fees, trading fees and currency exchange rates may affect your return. The annual TER for CK5W is 0.49%.

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