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FSCS ProtectedWhen you invest,
your capital is at risk.
Your pensions want to be together

Find your old pensions

Tell us about your previous jobs, and our dedicated tracing team will find your old pensions for free. No strings attached.


Combine them in one place

We can consolidate your pensions so your retirement savings are all in one place. Keep track of your savings using our easy-to-use app.


Invest in a better world

Your pension can help solve world problems. Save for retirement by investing your pension in companies making the world a better place.

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5/5 stars

Easy to use with excellent customer service

Really good company that provides me with some fantastic companies to invest in.

5/5 stars

Inspiring app

I aggregate all my accounts with them (ISA, GIA, pension) and it is just amazing to know I am investing on the right things and focused on the long term.

Markus K.
5/5 stars

Making finance relatable and ethical

In the scary and intimidating world of stocks, shares, pensions and investments they make it understandable, relatable and simple.

maria bezzie
5/5 stars

Invest and do good for the planet

Been looking at ways to improve my portfolio and do better for the world and with Circa5000 I can do both...


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