Account Types

JISAs (Junior Individual Savings Accounts)

A Junior Savings Account (JISA) is a tax-free savings account for UK residents under the age of 18. Only the parent or legal guardian of a child can open a JISA for them and they can save up to the JISA allowance each tax year.

No tax is applicable on any capital, interest or dividends in a JISA. Any money added to a JISA cannot be withdrawn until the child turns 18. Once they turn 18 the JISA is converted to an ISA and they will have access to withdraw their own funds if they wish. Unfortunately we've had to temporarily stop on-boarding JISAs from September 2021.

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  • Invest up to £9,000 per tax year on behalf of your child.
  • No income or capital gains tax on your investments and profits.
  • Popular with parents looking to put money away for their child's future.

ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts)

An Individual Savings Account (ISA) is a tax-free savings account available to all UK tax residents. You can save up to your ISA allowance each tax year and you won't pay tax on any capital, interest or dividends.

There are several types of ISA available in the financial services industry; at CIRCA5000 we offer a Stocks & Shares ISA. This means any money you add to your CIRCA5000 ISA is invested in the stock market – specifically in the ETFs of your chosen CIRCA5000 portfolio and the underlying companies working to secure a better future.

ISA rules mean you can only add money to one ISA of each type per tax year. Our article "Can I have more than one ISA?" explains this further.

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  • No income or capital gains tax on your investments and profits.
  • Invest up to £20,000 per tax year.

GIAs (General Investment Accounts)

A General Investment Account (GIA) is an account which also allows you to invest your money in the stock market. Any money you add to a CIRCA5000 GIA is invested in the ETFs of your chosen CIRCA5000 portfolio and the underlying companies working to secure a better future.

There is no limit on how much you can invest in a GIA, but tax is applicable on your investments (including, but not limited to, tax on any capital gains and interest / dividends.)

If you're unsure whether you need to pay tax on your GIA please get in touch with a suitably qualified financial adviser. CIRCA5000 does not offer tax advice. Learn more in our Help Centre


  • Popular with people who have filled their ISA limit or who have opened another Stocks & Shares ISA this tax year.
  • Popular with first time investors.

SIPPs (Personal Pensions)

Our Personal Pensions are a type of Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), a pension that gives you the power to choose what you invest in from our available range of investments selected for their positive impact.

They also allow you to consolidate any other pensions you might have. Generally, pensions offer limited control over your investments and aren't suited to investors who want to build a better future for themselves and for humanity. You might not be able to stop your money going into the fossil fuel industry, for example – or into companies that do little or nothing to curb their carbon emissions.

CIRCA5000 Personal Pensions offer you more control over where your money goes and mean your investments only go into those businesses helping to build a better future. This doesn’t just mean avoiding investments that are bad for humanity, it means investing in companies actively building a better future: Think Clean Energy, Health, Food, Education, Water, and Cybersecurity.

Almost anybody in the UK under the age of 75 can open a Personal Pension. Most importantly, they are for investors who want to keep the future of humanity in mind. You will need to be comfortable choosing your own investments though as we do not offer advice or manage your investments for you.

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  • Allows you to bring your pensions together and manage them in one place.
  • Gives you flexibility over when and how much you invest in your pension
  • Investments are free from income tax and capital gains tax.
  • Receive tax relief on pension contributions. Your contributions will be topped up by basic rate tax relief (currently 20%) which we collect from the HMRC. For example if you add in £800 your pension will receive an extra £200. Higher rate tax payers can claim more direct from HMRC. All subject to limits, allowance and personal circumstances.

Other Accounts

If you'd like another type of account with CIRCA5000 then please let us know your interest by getting in touch with our Customer Support team by emailing, or using your in-app chat.

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