Promotional T&Cs: £100 for £10,000 Pension/ISA Offer

CIRCA5000 Personal Pension, or Stocks & Shares ISA Transfer Reward of £100 - Terms & Conditions of Promotion


  • ‘We’, ‘us’ mean CIRCA5000 Ltd.
  • Reward’, ‘Offer’ mean £100 deposited and invested into your Personal Pension (“Pension”), or Stocks & Shares ISA (“ISA”), as defined in our General Terms and Conditions available on our website:

1. Terms of the Offer:

1.1 The Reward is limited to one redemption per customer per account type (Pension or ISA) during their lifetime, i.e. you cannot claim twice for transferring in two pensions of over £10,000, but you can claim the Reward for transferring in both a pension and stocks & shares ISA each worth over £10,000.

1.2 Customers who open a CIRCA5000 Personal Pension or Stocks & Shares ISA and make a transfer in from another provider of at least £10,000 will be eligible to claim the Reward 30 days after the transfer has completed (we have received your funds).

1.3 We will endeavour to invest your Reward into your designated account on the nearest Friday around midday. We reserve the right for this to change due to public holidays, staff absences or other factors.

1.4 This Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

2. Pension specific terms:

2.1 By participating in this Offer for your Personal Pension, you are asking us to make a payment into your Pension. Pensions legislation means that this Reward payment will count as a pension contribution as if it was made personally by you.

2.2 The Reward payment will be treated as a net contribution, which means that it will be boosted by basic rate income tax relief, which will be collected from HMRC and added to your Personal Pension. It can take several months for it to be received from HMRC. If you pay income tax at a rate higher than the basic rate then you may be eligible to apply directly to HMRC for additional tax relief.

2.3 You must not participate in this Offer if the total personal contributions (including the Reward payment and basic rate tax relief) made during a tax year to all pension schemes you have, will exceed your tax relievable contribution limit, which is the greater of £3,600 and 100% of your earnings. Also you must not participate in this Offer beyond the age of 75.

2.4 You will be subject to a personal tax charge on any contributions (including this Reward ‘contribution’ and basic rate tax relief) which exceed the Annual Allowance, or if applicable, the Tapered Annual Allowance or Money Purchase Annual Allowance.

2.5 You must be satisfied that having a Reward ‘contribution’ paid into your Personal Pension will not adversely affect any Lifetime Allowance Protection. If you have or need to rely on Lifetime Allowance Protection, please do not participate in this Offer and seek regulated and qualified advice before doing so.

2.6 Your Reward ‘contribution’ will form part of your Personal Pension fund and therefore will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Circa5000 Personal Pension. For example, pension benefits cannot be taken until you have reached minimum pension age, currently age 55, rising to 57 from April 2028. Please refer to the Circa5000 Personal Pension Terms and Conditions and the Key Features Document for further details and information.

2.7 By participating in the Offer you will be deemed to have read and accepted all of the above Personal Pension points.

3. ISA specific terms:

3.1 By participating in this Offer for your Stocks & Shares ISA, you are asking us to make a payment into your Stocks & Shares ISA. You must be satisfied that this will not adversely affect any annual tax-free ISA Allowance across any/all of your ISAs held with CIRCA5000, or third parties.

3.2 You will not be eligible to claim the Offer if you make a withdrawal from your ISA that brings the value of your ISA transfer below £10,000 before the 30 days have passed from a completed transfer.

3.3 You must also ensure that participation in the Offer will not cause you to exceed your annual ISA Allowance.