ISA/JISA Key Features Document

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We do not provide or offer financial, legal or tax advice. You should seek your own financial, legal or tax advice from a financial adviser or another suitably qualified professional. The Financial Conduct Authority is a financial services regulator. It requires us, Seccl Custody Limited, to give you this important information to help you to decide whether our Stocks & Shares or Junior ISA is right for you. You should read this document carefully so that you understand what you are buying, and then keep it safe for future reference. References in this document to the Seccl ISA also include the Junior ISA, unless stated otherwise.

Its aims:

  • The Seccl Stocks & Shares ISA and Junior ISA allow you to invest in a tax-efficient way.
  • The ISAs enable you to spread and adapt your chosen funds as you wish, according to your financial goals and attitude to risk.
  • The Stocks & Shares ISA will allow you to have easy access to your money, through either regular or one-off withdrawals, and you can cash in the whole or part of your ISA whenever you wish.
  • You can switch funds or swap investment ranges within each of your ISA products.
  • You can transfer your existing ISA investments to us, without any loss of tax benefits.
  • The Junior ISA allows you to invest separately on behalf of a child, subject to a lower annual subscription limit. When the child for whom a Junior ISA is opened reaches age 18, it automatically converts into a Seccl Stock & Shares ISA held in their own name.

Your commitment

Making payments

  • Within our Stock & Shares ISA you can invest a lump sum, pay in regular amounts over the year or a combination of the two up to a current maximum of £20,000 for the current tax year.
  • This limit is lower for a Junior ISA with a maximum of £9,000 for the current tax year.
  • The minimum initial investment into one of our ISAs is £100 and the minimum cash top-up is £100.

Choosing & reviewing funds

  • You need to choose the Investments or funds in which to invest in. You will be provided with a Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for each chosen fund, and a Key Information Document (KID) for each chosen investment trust, which will have all the relevant information to help you make a decision.
  • To ensure that your ISA and your chosen investments continue to meet your needs (or that of the child), you should monitor their performance regularly, consider new funds that become available and make whatever changes may be necessary.

Keeping in touch

  • There is no minimum period for holding one of our ISAs, but you should consider it to be a medium- to long-term investment.
  • You will need to keep us informed about any future change of address or contact details so we can maintain efficient records for your benefit.
  • You should regularly review your investments and keep up to date with information about our service by logging into your account.


  • The value of your investment and the income from it can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you put in. Past performance of any investment is not a guide to future returns.
  • What you receive when you sell your investment is not guaranteed; it depends on how your investments perform.
  • Tax rules can change, and your own tax treatment will depend on your personal circumstances. Speak to a qualified tax adviser if you’re unsure.
  • Governments can change the way ISAs and other investments are taxed.
  • Inflation will reduce the real value and therefore what you could buy with your investments in the future. Any cash balance on an account will exacerbate your inflation risks as it won’t earn any interest.
  • The funds available for you to invest all have specific objectives and associated risks. If the funds in your ISA do not match your attitude to risk (willingness to accept potential losses), they may not perform as you anticipate.
  • The effect of charges may be higher than illustrated. If you switch to funds with higher charges than those originally illustrated, or if fund management costs increase in the funds you initially chose, the effect of charges will change.
  • If you cash in your account during the early years, you may get back less than you paid in. Stocks & Shares ISAs are typically designed for medium to long term investing.
  • If you decide to cancel your account within the first 30 days, you may get back less than you invested if its value falls in the meantime.

Cancelling my ISA

  • Should you wish to cancel your ISA you will need to do so by contacting the Investment Platform within 30 days of opening the account. You can choose to withdraw the value of any investments you’ve made or transfer to another provider.

Questions & answers

Am I eligible?

  • Anyone who is aged 18 or over and is a resident in the UK for tax purposes can open and subscribe to a Stocks & Shares ISA.
  • Crown employees working overseas, such as diplomats or members of the armed forces, and their partners, can also invest in one of our ISAs.
  • If you move abroad, you can keep the ISAs you already hold, and transfer them between managers, but you cannot make any further subscriptions.
  • A parent or legal guardian may open a Junior ISA for a child under 18 who is resident in the UK and is not already the beneficiary of a Child Trust Fund or Stocks and Shares Junior ISA. The person who opens the Junior ISA will be the “registered contact” for legal purposes and will be responsible for making the investment decisions and managing the account.
  • At age 18 the Junior ISA converts into an ISA. At that time the former child beneficiary becomes entitled to manage the investments as the holder of the ISA.

How much can I invest?

  • This tax year 2021/22 you can invest up to £20,000 in an ISA. You can split the ISA allowance as you wish between a Cash ISA, a Stocks & Shares ISA, an Innovative Finance ISA and a Lifetime ISA (if opened under 40).
  • This limit is lower for a Junior ISA with a maximum of £9,000 for the current tax year.
  • You can invest a lump sum, pay in regular amounts over the year, or a combination of the two throughout the tax year, and up to the current limit.
  • You can only invest in one Stocks and Shares ISA, one Cash ISA, one Innovative Finance ISA and one Lifetime ISA in each tax year (a tax year runs from 6th April to 5th April the following year).
  • You can transfer ISAs from previous tax years without affecting the amount you can invest in an ISA for this tax year.
  • If you’re transferring a Cash ISA or Innovative Finance ISA to a Stocks and Shares ISA, please remember that stock market investments can fall as well as rise, so your capital is not guaranteed.

Can I transfer from my existing ISA to this ISA?

  • You may transfer all of your current year’s ISA, or part or all of a previous year’s ISA at any time provided the transfer is in accordance with the regulations applying to ISAs and your existing ISA Manager agrees to the transfer. A transfer may be made in cash or by re-registering assets subject to our and your existing ISA Manager’s agreement.
  • We will make no charge for the transfer, but you will need to check with your existing ISA Manager whether they will make a charge to sell the assets and transfer the money in cash or make a charge to re-register the assets.
  • If you are transferring a Junior ISA these must always be fully transferred.

What investments are available?

You will be able to search the full range of available investments at any time when you log-in and access the Investment Platform in the App as and when they become available in your ISA. You can invest in ISA eligible investments including:

  • UK Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs);
  • UK Unit Trusts;
  • UK Investment Trusts;
  • Equities quoted on the London Stock Exchange;
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

How do I find out more information about each investment?

  • Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) relating to any funds you are invested in, and Key Information Documents (KIDs) relating to any investment trusts you are invested in, will be available via the Investment Platform, as well as information about the charges for investments.
  • Some funds and investment trusts are complex in nature, KIIDs and KIDs are issued by the fund manager to give a more comprehensive information about the way each fund works and its investment risks.

What happens to any money which remains uninvested?

  • This is held in your ISA as a cash balance. Your ISA is designed to hold cash ready for investing and to meet platform and investment charges.

Where is my cash held?

  • Client money is held in a client bank account by Seccl Custody Limited. Client bank accounts are designated trust accounts and segregated from firm funds in accordance with the FCA’s client money rules and guidance.
  • Our policy for choosing banks is continually reviewed and the primary consideration is always security.

What happens to income from the investments in my ISA?

  • Income from investments in your ISA will be added to your cash balance.

Can I replace cash I have withdrawn?

Stocks & Shares ISA:

  • Yes. The Stocks & Shares ISA we offer is a Flexible ISA. This means that any withdrawals won’t count towards the annual ISA allowance.
  • For example, if you subscribed £20,000 – the maximum allowed in 2021/22 tax year – then chose to withdraw £5,000, you would be able to reinvest the £5,000 in the same year without breaching your ISA subscription allowance.

Junior Stocks & Shares ISA:

  • No, withdrawals may not be made from a Junior ISA until the child reaches the age of 18 and becomes the account holder (except in the event of their terminal illness or death).

What charges do I have to pay?

  • There are no charges for using the ISA product. However, platform and investment charges may apply.
  • Please refer to the Investment Platforms website for more details.
  • In addition, fund managers will apply charges to your chosen investments. Details of these charges are available when you select your investments online. These charges are normally deducted from the fund value.

What could I get back?

The amount you get back will depend on the following factors:

  • how much you invest;
  • the performance of your investments;
  • any charges;
  • any income you have taken or withdrawals you have made;
  • and the terms and conditions of your investment.

The Financial Conduct Authority sets standard growth rates that can be used in illustrations. The rates are 2.00%, 5.00% and 8.00% respectively for tax advantaged products. All companies use these except where they believe a reduced rate is more appropriate.

To give you an idea of what it might cost to take out this product, we’ve provided an illustration below. In this illustration we’ve included an estimate of the cost of the investments you might select (1.25%).

The illustrated returns will be different if your underlying investments have a different charge and will be dependent on the platform charge applied by the Investment Platform.

The illustration assumes an initial client investment of £1,000 in a typical fund. This illustration shows over 10 years. This has the same effect as bringing illustrated investment growth from 5.00% a year down to 3.70% a year.

Effect at end of yearInvestment to date (£)Effect of deductions to date (£)What you might get back (£)

What tax will I pay?

  • There is no capital gains tax to pay on any gains and no UK tax on the income. You do not have to declare ISA income or capital gains on your tax statements.
  • Please note that tax rules are applied according to individual circumstances and may change in the future.

How do I close my account or withdraw cash and how much will I receive?

Stocks & Shares ISA:

  • To close your account, you must inform the investment platform by sending an email from the email address we have on our records or in writing, quoting your Account Number.
  • Withdrawals must be made in cash. If you are selling investments to fund a withdrawal, the sale must have settled before cash can be paid out.
  • If you want to transfer your investments to another manager, please contact them and ask them to arrange the transfer with us.

Junior ISA:

  • Withdrawals may not be made from a Junior ISA until the child reaches the age of 18 and becomes the account holder (except in the event of their terminal illness or death).

What happens if I die?

  • If you hold investments with us when you die, your investments are not necessarily sold; we follow the instructions that your executors give us.

What if I have a complaint?

If your complaint is about your ISA, please email us at If your complaint relates to activities undertaken by the Investment Platform, we will forward the complaint to them and inform you that we have done this. The Investment Platform will then contact you directly. Their complaints process is available on their website. Should the complaint be specific to the Seccl Stocks and Shares ISA and/or Junior ISA, our complaints process will apply which is available on request. If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint is dealt with, or if your complaint is not dealt with within eight weeks, you can refer this to the Financial Ombudsman at: Address: The Financial Ombudsman, Service Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR Telephone: ‍0800 023 4567 – calls to this number are free from mobile phones and landlines ‍0300 123 9123 – calls to this number cost no more than calls to 01 and 02 numbers Email:

Can I claim compensation?

Client money and client assets held by Seccl Custody Limited may be eligible for compensation through the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Head to for more information

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