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Fees Document

Last Updated: 11/8/2022

Effective date: 1st September 2022

Our fees for our investment accounts are as follows ("Fees Document");


In terms of CIRCA5000 fees, our pension product is free until March 2023. During this promotional period, you will pay no fees to CIRCA5000 for Pensions.

Monthly subscription fee:

There isn't one - our Pension accounts do not have a £ monthly subscription fee. Pensions only have a percentage based platform fee (see below).

Platform fee:

Until March 2023, Pensions will not be charged a % platform fee.

After March 2023, Pensions will be charged at 0.45% for the value of your pension account.

ISAs, Junior ISAs & General Investment Accounts

For Stocks & Shares ISAs, Junior Stocks & Shares ISAs & General Investment Accounts, the fees are as follows:

Monthly subscription fee:

We charge £1 per month for all the accounts you open with us. For example, this means that if you were to open an ISA, a GIA and three Junior ISAs, the most you will pay in monthly subscription fees is £1 per month for all those accounts.

Platform fee:

0.45% of the value of your respective investment accounts. This is charged monthly on a fixed day each month (typically the 10th of each month but this may vary).


External fund fees for all accounts:

As is standard for most investment accounts, you will also pay external fund fees to the providers of each of the funds to cover fund management and transaction costs. The external fund fees are subject to change.

These fees vary from 0.30% to 0.58%, depending on your choice of investments in the app.

How and when do we collect fees?

We collect your fees from your investment balance, typically on the 10th of each month but this may vary. These fees cover all trading and management costs.

We collect all fees from any uninvested cash sitting in your respective account. If there is not enough cash to cover fees, we collect it by selling down enough of your largest holding to cover the fee.

For the £1 monthly subscription fee for ISAs, GIAs and JISAs, we collect it from balance of the first ISA or GIA you opened with us (if you want this changed, you can contact Customer Support).

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