Promotional T&Cs: Clim8 Offer

CIRCA5000, Clim8 Account Transfer Offer Reward of up to £220 - Terms & Conditions of Promotion

Version 1.1


  • We’, ‘us’ mean CIRCA5000 Ltd.
  • Reward’, the reward value will depend on the balance of the account you transfer from Clim8 Invest Ltd (from their custodian Wealth Kernel) to your CIRCA5000 account, as follows:
Transferred balance Reward
Between £50 and £9,999 £55
Between £10,000 and £19,999 £110
>£20,000 £220

1. Terms of the Offer:

1.1 The Reward is limited to one redemption per customer (GIA or ISA during their lifetime, i.e. you cannot claim twice for transferring in two accounts (a GIA & ISA) of combined value over £50.

1.2 Customers who open a CIRCA5000 GIA or Stocks & Shares ISA and make a transfer in from Clim8 of at least £50 will be eligible to claim the Reward 90 days after the transfer has been completed (we have received your funds). For GIA accounts you may be required to withdraw funds and make cash contributions to your CIRCA5000 account. To claim the reward you may be asked for proof that you are transferring from Clim8 (including copies of account statements for your Clim8 account).

1.3 We will endeavour to invest your Reward into your designated account on the nearest Friday around midday. We reserve the right for this to change due to public holidays, staff absences, or other factors.

1.4 You will not be eligible to claim the Offer if you make a withdrawal within 90 days from your GIA or ISA that brings your account balance below the initial amount transferred.

1.5 This Offer cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other CIRCA5000 promotional offers.

1.6 This Offer may be withdrawn or amended at any time without notice.

2. ISA-specific terms:

2.1 By participating in this Offer for your Stocks & Shares ISA, you are asking us to make a payment into your Stocks & Shares ISA. You must be satisfied that this will not adversely affect any annual tax-free ISA Allowance across any/all of your ISAs held with CIRCA5000, or third parties.

2.2 You must also ensure that participation in the Offer will not cause you to exceed your annual ISA Allowance.

Important note: CIRCA5000 is an execution-only investment platform and does not provide advice. Before transferring please make sure you're comfortable with making your own investment decisions. When you invest, your capital is at risk. CIRCA5000 does not provide financial advice. You are responsible for understanding whether a CIRCA5000 account is suitable for your financial goals and circumstances. If you are unsure, you should speak to a financial adviser.