Index Methodology

Designed in partnership with Impak Analytics and BITA, impact is at the heart of the methodology underpinning our indices. Robust impact analysis ensures that only the highest-rated companies are selected for our funds.

  1. Initial Screening
  2. Impact Analysis
  3. Final Index

Step 1
Initial Screening

BITA screen the global equity universe for companies that are revenue-aligned to each theme. Additional filters are applied to weed out any businesses involved in controversial activities. Filters are applied for market capitalisation and liquidity.

Step 2
Impact Analysis

The remaining companies in each ETF theme are then meticulously analysed and scored by Impak Analytics, using the Impact Management Project’s ‘5 dimensions of impact’ framework. Any company not deemed to have a materially positive impact is removed.

Company Score

The Impak Score™ from Impak Analytics provides a transparent and measurable framework for the companies within each index.

impak Score™ 1000
Generates Positive Impact 500
Mitigates Negative Impact 300
Governance 200
Total score 1000

Each company’s positive impacts and mitigation of negative impacts are meticulously analysed — enabling unprecedented cross-border and cross-sector comparisons.

As at 04/05/2023

Building on the IMP’s 5 dimensions of impact, the analysis enables an impact rating to give additional context to the Impak Score™.

C impact rating:
Avg impak Score = 300
C Contribute to solutions
Have a significant direct impact on positive outcome(s) for underserved people and the planet.
B impact rating:
Avg impak Score = 226
B Benefit stakeholders
Have positive impacts on important outcome(s) for people and the planet
A impact rating:
Avg impak Score = 159
A Avoid harm
Prevent or reduce negative outcome(s) for people and the planet
Z impact rating:
Avg impak Score = 123
Z Does/may cause harm
Does or may have negative outcome(s) for people and the planet

Step 3
Final Index

Only companies with the highest Impak Scores™ remain in the universe. The indices are weighted using a combination of market capitalisation and Impak Scores™.

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